Chicco CT0.6 Stroller Review

If the Chicco Lite Way Stroller is about practicality and lightweightness, then the new Chicco Ct0.6 Stroller is all about style and safety. The following review will cover some of the features and technical specifications of the Ct. 0.6 that we found really useful in terms of performance and value. Let us proceed to the review as we have already dealt with the brand sufficiently in the previous review on the Lite Way range.

Design features:

Suitable from 6 to 36 months, the Ct0.6 Stroller from Chicco is a lightweight stroller that could perform like the bigger ones available in the market. At a surprisingly light 4.7 kg, this stroller is quite convenient to carry around, whether it is for an airplane ride across the country or a short trip to the mall. It also consumes very less space than the travel system pram. So, this seems to be the selling point of the stroller. From an appearance point of view, the Chicco Ct0.6 has a superb look as it comes with a wide range of finishes including Starlette (code: 04.064208.290.930), Astral (code: 00.064208.590.930), Surf (code: 04.064208.270.930) and Fuego (code: 05.064208.970.930). The best part of course is that it is so easy to spot the stroller from anywhere.

Chicco CT0.6 Stroller

Not Ideal for:

The Ct0.6 is meant only for children who can afford to sit up on their own and are less than 37 pounds. The stroller will not suit young infants or heavier and larger toddlers. We also wished the pram would carry larger toddlers as it is so easy to take with you.

Lightweight frame:

Much of its lightweight nature can be attributed to its aluminium frame which is compact and weighs only as much as 5.5 kg. The Chicco Ct0.6 Forward Facing Pushchair also brags a solid built in addition to an easy-fold feature. After you fold it down, you can place it in its storage bag that can be stowed or carried away. The size when you open the stroller is 46.5cm x 79cm x 100cm and the dimension when you close it down is 22cm x 24cm x 113cm. There is a drawback to the seat of the stroller and that is it does not fully recline. This can well be an issue if you are to use your stroller with an infant, but more than enough for your toddler to take a nap and will for sure keep your child safe at all times.

Wheel system:

The Chicco CT0.6 Strollers are built with locking front wheels so that you have no problem manoeuvring the stroller over uneven ground and rear brakes that will help you lock the buggy into place when you are actually not moving. Both the front as well as the rear wheels has a comfortable suspension. This is an important feature when it comes to the safety of the infant.


The Chicco CT0.6 Aluminium Chassis stroller has nicely built handles and is quite easy to steer. It does not seem to move well over sand, given the wheels of small diameter. The instruction manual too tells that the stroller should not be used on the beach. Though the stroller is built with ergonomic, non-slip handles, we do not like the idea of the handle bars being on the short side and any adjustment can cause an ache in your back in a little while. Though you can push it comfortably, you might have to bend over, so it is not comfortable at all to push your baby for extended periods of time. Therefore, the height of the handle could leave you in a spot of bother.

5 point harness:

Though the Chicco Ct0.6 is light, it comes with a 5 point harness. This is important as far as the safety of the child is concerned because they help hold your child in more securely. This means lesser risk of your child bouncing or wiggling out of the lightweight buggy, even under uneven surfaces. The harness is padded for extra comfort and so the shoulder protectors are quite soft.

Fold system:

The Chicco pram folds up similar to an umbrella stroller, although we found it bit longer than expected when it is folded. The pram folds nicely, with just two levels of clicking. We thought the second level difficult to undo, though you do not really need it. The hood does not fold with the pram. We also did not like the wheel hitting the canopy when you fold the stroller up, therefore you will have to ensure it is wiped thoroughly so as to prevent the canopy from becoming dirty. You will have no problem fitting it in the trunk of the car still, but in case of inadequate storage space, the length can prove to be a problem.

Chicco CT0.6 Pushchair Pink


The Chicco Ct 0.6 Umbrella Folding Pushchair comes with a nice-sized sun canopy and you will have no trouble adjusting to give the coverage you wanted for your child. The sun canopy is completely adjustable, so that your baby will be able to ride in utmost comfort, notwithstanding the weather. When it comes to storage space, it is a bit unfortunate that it does not have much. You will find a basket under the seat, which obviously is a plus for a lightweight stroller, though it can hold a small bag. The maximum weight of the storage basket is 3 kg. The fabric is durable and so will last and will not rip. If you have any plans of an extended trip to the mall, then this buggy cannot carry your bags for you. There are no snack trays or cup holders, so if you feel like eating or drinking on the go, you may consider investing in an add-on accessory.  Do not miss out on the rain cover which comes in the box that is specifically designed for this pram. This means you do not have to spend hours looking out for one that gives the perfect fit.  The stroller comes complete with a cleverly designed footrest with silver logo.

Not easy to clean:

Cleaning the Chicco CT0.6 Stroller can prove difficult as the covers do not come off. There is an easy way to this and that is to scrub off any baby spillages as much as you can (perhaps, we feel it is the only way!).

Bottom line:

So, what are the pros and cons of the CT0.6? Ideally, we are happy with the lightweight nature, sturdiness and it of course is small and folds up easily. When it comes to the minuses, the handles are a bit short and do not seem to adjust. You will also have problem storing your bags as it seriously lack enough storage space. The price tag on the Ct0.6 cannot be argued with. You may get the stroller for just under £50 in some places. Though the pram is not decked out in attachments and accessories, the brilliant portability of this stroller is what makes you choose it again and again over other large sized models.

Chicco CT0.6 Stroller Pushchair – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Chicco
Model Name Chicco CT0.6 Strollers
Style of pushchair Four wheeled Forward facing pushchair/Buggy
Weight 4.7 kg
Age range 6 to 36 months
Maximum load capacity > 37 pounds
Material of chassis Aluminium
Lightweight Yes
Available colours/product code Starlette (code: 04.064208.290.930),
Astral (code: 00.064208.590.930),
Surf (code: 04.064208.270.930),
Fuego (code: 05.064208.970.930)
Seat features
Adjustable Seat Yes
Seat facing direction Forward facing
Multi Recline Seat Yes
Leg rest Yes
Calf rest No
Chest pads No
Reversible seat No
Car seat compatible No
Folding method Umbrella fold
Safety harness 5 point safety harness (Padded)
Wheel system
Number of wheels 4
Type of Wheel Swivel/locking wheels (front)
Suspension Yes
Parking brakes Yes
Shopping basket Yes
Detachable sun/rain hood Yes
Rain cover Yes
Footmuff No
Cup holder No
Changing mat No
General dimensions
Folded dimension 22cm x 24cm x 113cm
Unfolded dimension 46.5cm x79cm x100 cm
Highlight features Ergonomic, non-slip handles
Brilliantly designed wheels

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